1. Francisco Jover y Casanova  - El cardenal Cisneros libertando a los cautivos de Orán

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  2. thee-gold-bug:

    Claude Monet / Nymphéas / c 1915

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  3. "My head is overflowing with thoughts I can’t allow anyone to know about."
    — 凛として時雨 - “Abnormalize”   (via hazyeda)

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  4. parnassien:

    The Lament for Icarus (detail) by Herbert James Draper.
    Tate Britain. 1898.

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  5. shakypigment:

    Carl Gustav Carus, Clouds of Fog in Saxon Switzerland

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  6. abystle:

    Apocalypse, Albert Goodwin,1903.

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  7. belgianpaintings:

    Marcel Delmotte (1901-1984)

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  8. I have a 3 hour break between my classes and tbh I should be getting some booty



  10. tired of hearing ppls sorry ass excuses :)


  11. Vaintas (detail) by Leo Putz (1869-1940)

    oil on canvas, 1896

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  12. fleurdulys:

    The Kiss of the Sphynx - Franz von Stuck


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  14. I wish my hands felt like girl butt


  15. chrissyangliker:

    Oli, Fiona, Lidi and Zoe. 36 x 48 Inches. Acrylic on canvas. 2014

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