1. chimneyfish:

    The Cloud, 1902

    Arthur Hacker

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  2. steelylaceribbon:


    Above the Clouds - Frederic Edwin Church, 19th century.


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  3. hadrian6:

    Hercules and Antaeus. Francois Andre Vincent. French 1746-1816. oil/canvas.



  4. lawndrae:

    Adam Miller, The Roses Never Bloomed So Red (detail)

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  6. outlawempress:

    Rupert Bunny - A summer morning via DcoetzeeBot

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  7. Deposizione by Roberto Ferri

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  9. Anonymous said: What qualities do you look for in a woman?

    an ass that won’t quit


  10. paintedfire:

    John Singer Sargent, detail of Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler, 1893

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  11. hadrian6:

    Executioner with the Head of John the Baptist. early 17th.century. The Genoese School. Italy. oil / canvas.


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  12. greuze:

    Lorenzo Lippi (1606-1665)
    The Triumph of David (Detail)
    Oil on canvas, 17th Century

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  13. fleurdulys:

    On the Grand Canal, Venice - Frits Thaulow


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  14. jamesryanomeara:

    Claude Monet - Weeping Willow at Giverny, 1922.

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  15. greuze:

    Pietro Bardellino (1728–1819)
    Martyrdom of St. Placidus (Detail)
    Oil on panel, 1750-99

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