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  2. staystillmaster:

    Gerardina Jacoba van de Sande Bakhuyzen (1826–1895) A still life with roses, daisies, raspberries and peaches in a landscape.

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  5. art-and-things-of-beauty:

    G.J. Broome (British, 19th century) - Still life with grapes, apple and pear, oil on canvas, 25,4 x 30,5 cm.


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  7. hadrian6:

    The Mocking of Christ. 1598. Giuseppe Cesari - Cesari d’Arpino. Italian 1568-1640. oil/canvas.



  8. hadrian6:

    Still Life with Peaches and Grapes. 17th.century. The French School. oil/canvas.



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  10. art-and-things-of-beauty:

    Adriana Johanna Haanen (1814 – 1895) - Still life with strawberries and grapes.


  11. arrests:

    Peter Bezrukov

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  12. deadpaint:

    Alexander Theodore Honore Struys, Birds of Prey: The will

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